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June 2015
Dr. Deepak Bhatia receives the Young Investigator's Research Mentoring award at the ISAKOS conference held recently at Lyon, France.
ISAKOS is the International Society of Arthroscopy, knee surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, and the conference was attended by 4500 surgeons and specialists from across the globe.



February 2015
Dr Deepak Bhatia's arthroscopic surgery video is featured in the leading American journal, Arthroscopy :
Shoulder dislocations are complex issues. Dr. Bhatia at SportsMed is at the cutting edge of managing this complex condition and a video of his surgical technique has been published recently in the leading medical journal "ARTHROSCOPY".(http://www.arthroscopytechniques.org/article/S2212-6287(14)00128-5/abstract)


November 2014
Cutting-Edge Shoulder Arthroscopy
Dr Deepak Bhatia's innovative technique on the Arthroscopic Latarjet surgery is featured in the American Journal: Techniques in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery. Previously open surgery now performed with keyhole technique. Just another way Dr. Bhatia at SportsMed is bringing you cutting edge care for shoulder dislocations.


October 2014
Talk And Teach
Dr. Deepak Bhatia was recently in action at the Indian Arthroscopy Society annual conference attended by around 700 orthopaedic surgeons. Dr Bhatia performed and demonstrated a subscapularis repair and biceps tenodesis (shoulder rotator cuff) surgery.


Shouldering responsibilities for India's best! Shoulder surgery to national gold in just 7 months!
Shoulder surgeon Dr. Deepak Bhatia and SportsMed are thrilled that Sonu Punia has recovered from shoulder surgery in November 2013 and gone on to win the national wrestling gold in May 2014!


Shoulder to shoulder: Dr. Paul Favorito from University of Cincinnati visits our shoulder specialist, Dr. Deepak Bhatia, to discuss and exchange ideas on the nuances of shoulder surgery and techniques including the arthroscopic Latarjet procedure (a new technique to treat recurrent shoulder dislocations).